Symposium of the Terry Fox Association
Friday, November 6, 2015 from 2 pm (free admission)
Clubraum, Academy of Arts, Hanseatenweg 10, 10557 Berlin

On the occasion of Elemental Gestures – Terry Fox, a solo exhibition at the Academy of Arts, Berlin, the Terry Fox Asssociation (TFA, Köln) is holding a symposium with lectures, discussions, and a film program. In the spirit of the goal of the TFA to replenish and investigate the complex and multilayered oeuvre of Terry Fox, the TFA invites a roundtable group of his artist colleagues and friends to have a closer look and to analyse certain forms of actions, poetics of space, and elemental practices of presence and concentration. Because even though the artist himself precisely described and reflected on his work the complexity and breadth of the art of Terry Fox has, until now, just been explored rudimentarily.
With his actions, performances, and sound installations, Terry Fox searched since the 1960’s for the answer to the questions: What is sculpture? The use of daily, elementary materials is characteristic to his work, which often only existed for the duration of the action. The physical experience – of both the artist and the audience – is a central element of his artistic work, wherein Terry Fox experimented with direct and almost magical forms of communication. Sound and language are the recurrent elements in his discrete and multifaceted work, which eludes current art historical classifications.
The symposium wants to open the discussion of the term situation - a central idea in the work of Terry Fox – in relation to current categories like object, space, performance and installation. The relationship of object and language, sound and sculpture, labyrinth and experience, idea and body, as well as strategies of the unseen, are what turns our thinking consistently in unexpected directions. Here nothing is said once and for ever. Every space, every sound, every movement, every perception is opened to a diversity of movements of thoughts. They are affected by the particular situation, wherein the quietness, the subtlety, the humor and the openness are guiding the experience.

Concept: Michael Glasmeier

Terry Fox Association e.V.
Auerstr. 8
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