Angela Lammert, On Terry Fox

So after 30 years I’m still working on the aspect of redefinition of sculpture.

The American-European artist Terry Fox (1943–2008) considered all that he created to have expressed his search to realize an extended concept of sculpture. He used his body as sculptural material in just the same way as he employed sound or text in performance pieces, for which he—to distinguish them from the increasing commercialization of performance art—coined the term “situation.” In the seventies these situations were accompanied by videotapes, which he then turned away from around 1980 to concentrate on working with sound. In the first half of the seventies, many artists were committed to establishing video and film as recognized mediums in the visual arts. Although Fox is not to be counted amongst them, his video works not only document his haunting, almost meditative performances, but they also possess an intrinsic value for the specific medium itself.

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