Collaborations with Simone Forti



by Simone Forti (choreography), Terry Fox and Peter van Riper (sound)
dance performance
with audience
place: Merce Cunningham Dance Studio, New York
day: April 25th, 1979

»Simone Forti (…) was one of the first choreographers to make dances out of so‐called „natural“ gestures. Nature was the inspiration for Estuary, a two‐act work with music by Peter van Riper and Terry Fox that Miss Ford’s company of eight adults and one little girl presented Wednesday night at the Merce Cunningham Studio. According to the program note, much of the choreography for “Estuary” was adapted from animal movements (…). «

excerpt: The New York Times, article by Jack Anderson, April 27th, 1979, p 24