Collaboration with Vito Acconci and Dennis Oppenheim

© Estate of Terry Fox. Photos: Peter Moore

Environmental Surfaces:
Three Simultaneous Situational Enclosures


with Vito Acconci, Terry Fox, and Dennis Oppenheim
action / situation, with sound
with audience
space: 6 x 24 m / 20′ by 80′ room, floor covered with white paper, tent-like construction with white canvas
place: Reese Palley Gallery, New York City, USA

(as part of the solo exhibition „Terry Fox – Environmental Surfaces“, Reese Palley Gallery, New York City)


  • white paper, white canvas (square), 1000 watt electric light bulb, a bar of white soap, a pan of water, two flashlights, two bags of flour, a strainer, a box of Fab, a small bench, a piece of bent wire, smoke from a cigarette, a scratched mirror attached to a wooden spool of twine, microphone to broadcast live breathing, prerecorded breathing, prerecorded breathing during sleep (Terry Fox)
  • a clock, canvas, 1000 watt electric light bulb (Vito Acconci)
  • tarantula, blowing sound of moving a tarantula by breath (Dennis Oppenheim)